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Armitage says that female-bodied and femme people often deal with unwanted attention to their bodies, and one way to thwart that is to get society to focus on our butts.

Yes, really: "Showcasing our butts gives us a break from that [kind of harassment], because butts aren't a gendered body part," Armitage says.

is seen outside their headquarters building in Mountain View, California August 18, 2004. image-search service from displaying thumbnail-sized photos from a sexually explicit site. from showing thumbnail-size photos from sexually explicit Internet sites, but said the company might be liable for allowing links to sites displaying pirated photos.

The lower court's ruling had threatened to bar Google from featuring thumbnail pictures -- small versions of photos that are linked to a bigger version of the same picture.As you'll see, Armitage's photos put a playful spin on the human form (all of the models were nude, after all).Lee Greene, one of the models in the all-femme cast, describes the vibe on set as "comfortable and girly." "All I could think was, 'Wow, this is so fun,'" Greene says.Fantasy, Mr Blisters, nauticalrebor, nguoilonln, pogog69, sasaxxx, siksaguru, silvermine, throb50 acco21, adiosev, bishojo, Doc925, Dream Ofcrazy, gruzik, hearthstone, kiss974, L0ng Slid3, manoor, Mr.Fantasy, Mr Blisters, nguoilonln, pogog69, Poison Girl, rguerns, sasaxxx, Ser-delchoza, siksaguru, silvermine, throb50 acco21, adiosev, belkis, bertibass, Betty Page, bishojo, coebloex, Doc925, Dream Ofcrazy, gruzik, hearthstone, HRSV, L0ng Slid3, Mr.