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His family is quite large and he is a good friend but he did not join the police to be a good samaritan.

Instead he decided that someone had to keep the peace and hold authority and thought that it might as well be him.

The Royal Albert Hall cheered and clapped its agreement. His pianist, Billy Stritch, put his hand over the mic and leaned in; “She said you’re a legend” – a pause, Stritch breaking into a smile – “but then, we already knew that.” A modest Bennett shooed him away.

” Whether that’s still true or not was beside the point on a night like this.

The great Kensington hall was piled high with warmth and joy, a crowd standing over and over to show its appreciation; the place was a racket of cheers between songs.

At moments, with his arms wrapped around himself in a hug of gratitude, the man looked touched enough to cry. ' Bennett was back with his old way of adding a little extra weight, a little more meaning to every word.

The quartet displays an innate sense of swing (check out the thrilling, fingersnapping "Hit That Jive, Jack") and easily rides a samba-ish beat ("Walking in New York").Jim Caruso’s “Cast Party” “Jim Caruso’s Cast Party” With Musical Director, Billy Stritch Saturday, January 20, 2018 8 p.m. and ( off for museum members) “Jim Caruso’s Cast Party,” hosted by Caruso and featuring musical director and pianist Billy Stritch, celebrates local and regional musical talent all over the globe.Even chestnuts such as "My Favorite Things", in a particularly fleet-footed version, and "I Only Have Eyes for You/Lullaby of Broadway" come across as fresh. This is a list of characters from the police drama The Bill ordered alphabetically by character surname.