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In 2007, BT announced the opening of its Regional Operations Centre in Hungary – supporting customers and internal business partners across Europe.At the 2008 World Investment Conference in La Baule (France) the BT venture was named ‘Best European Investment of the Year’.read more read more Courtesy Photo | SOCHACZEW, Poland - Soldiers prepare for onward movement after resting overnight, Feb. A heavy equipment transporter (HET) team, comprised of American and British HETs, verified main supply routes capable of moving an M1A2 Abrams tank across the Suwalki gap, the gateway to the Baltic countries, on a convoy that started Feb. “In addition to validating main supply routes capable of transporting combat power, our HET team together with 3/4 ABCT is enhancing the NATO Alliance by assuring our Allies that we are committed to improving NATO’s maneuver and sustainment capabilities and consequently deterring aggression,” said Lt. Ensuring freedom of movement for combat and logistical forces is key to sustaining a Strong Europe and enabling the U. and European forces across the width of the NATO alliance. Meert, commander, 18th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion. Truck Co., 18th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, maintains 18 British HET systems and 13 U.

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“Our junior leaders executing the convoy are validating freedom of movement and the ability to move combat power swiftly through multiple countries with multiple combat platforms." The Suwalki Gap is a 60-mile corridor that runs along the Polish border with Lithuania. M1000 trailer exceeds the weight limit of 12,000 pounds per axle.“I believe, from the bottom of my soul…” One of the most powerful phrases you’ll ever hear.I heard that phrase about two months ago, and the conviction in the soft voice stopped my pen from taking notes, pulled my eyes from my notebook to the woman on the stage, and snagged every tendril of thought from where they had been roaming, to focus fully on what was coming next.Local residents, young and old, and volunteers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty could all be up for awards alongside the best local businesses and sporting achievements and those who promote fine local food.“It is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the individuals and businesses who make a genuine contribution to the life and culture of Haverhill.“Our students at Castle Manor Academy are excited to be involved and are working on various projects that promise to make the event an evening to remember.“We would also like to thank the Haverhill Echo for being the media partner of the event and all our amazing and generous sponsors of the various awards.”Haverhill Echo editor Barry Peters said: “Recognising the achievements and good work of townsfolk is one of the most important jobs of a local newspaper, so the Echo is delighted to be able to support the Haverhill Heroes awards.“We would encourage all readers to think about their community and to nominate anyone who they think deserves a pat on the back.”The Haverhill Heroes will centre around six awards:- Young Person- Volunteer in the Community- Business in the Community- Sporting Award- Local Food Produce - Act of Kindness Each award has been individually supported by a local company or organisation – Abbeycroft Leisure, 1 Accounts, Fiscale, Sarand, Samuel Ward Academy Trust and The Firepit Company. The deadline for nominations is Friday, June 23, with all finalists invited to the awards evening, which will once again be kindly hosted by Paul Donno, chair of Haverhill Chamber of Commerce.