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Even in the most religious parts of the country, young Iranians log on to the world from the sanctity of their own homes, and flirt away to their hearts' content, even arranging secret rendezvous with someone who may turn out to be a neighbor.At Hot, a Web site where members post pictures of themselves and have site visitors rate them, postings originate from the holy city of Mashhad, from near the Iraqi border in Ahwaz, or from the southeastern province of Kerman, among other locations.It’s online dating as you’ve never seen it before – no profile photos, matches are chosen for you, and parents must also go on the first date, but is Iran’s government-controlled dating service fighting a losing battle against Western desires?A psychologist delivers a stern warning about the dangers of Western romantic habits: “In emotional or romantic relationships in the US, 93 per cent ultimately lead to divorce.” “Loving at first look or sight is, I emphasise, very dangerous,” he tells me.A young man brimming with pride at his good looks poses for a Web cam.Behind him, on a mantel, stands a framed portrait of an older, chador-clad woman.They love the hunt, but once they have their "trophy" they lose interest and go looking for something else.Sadly, it has more to do with a certain type of man than it does with an ethnic group. I just answered something similar a couple of weeks ago.

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Nearly half of all Iranians from 18 to 35 are single and Tebyan’s official raison d'être is to help the country escape a ‘marriage crisis’.The key is to remember that someone from another land isn't necessarily any different than someone that you might meet from your own country. Just because their speech is laced with what you perceive as romantic or exotic sound qualities, doesn't mean they are particularly any better. Alicia - you sound like a logical woman - and have handled some of the dimwits here very well I am in Los Angeles, a place that has an ABUNDANCE of Persian and Armenian men.I can't tell you how much something that "sounded cool" at one time "just bugged me" later. I swoon whenever I see these guys - super attractive to me.I suspect this is just a stereotype for men that will lose interest once they achieve their goal.For some men, it's not in the having as much as it's in the Getting.