Distribution consolidating products

From full loads, to ambient food consolidation requirements, container services and warehousing, we bring the very highest standards so that our customers know they can trust in our ambient and temperature controlled service.

Builders have consolidated, dominating many of the major metros.

The strategic location is a proven distribution location and logistics asset for Avnet’s customers seeking the highest quality, state-of-the-art facilities to serve their supply chain needs.Others cite economies of scale (although I am not really sure whether this is a reality).To me, the primary advantage that the large LBM consolidators have in supplying this customer segment is lower customer concentrations.Their customers are consolidating, too—US LBM, Builders First Source, Stock/BMC, 84 Lumber, etc., can easily make up more than 10% of revenues, respectively.These large customers have the sophistication, balance sheets and volume to demand things such as extended terms and can cut deals directly with manufacturers.